TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund Helps Nuclear Site Guard

Jennifer Glover was one of the very few women security guards at a nuclear site.  Her colleagues sexually harassed her and assaulted her. Her employer did not stop the harassment and, eventually, fired her.  As Glover explains in a New York Times op-ed, “I have nightmares about it to this day.”
Glover battled back.  She contacted the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, and we were able to connect her with the attorney who took her case and media assistance to tell her story.
Since we started a little over a year ago, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which is housed and administered by the National Women’s Law Center Fund, has received over 4000 requests for assistance.  When people who contact us are reporting workplace sex discrimination and harassment, we connect them with three attorneys in our network who practice in their area.  The attorneys agree to do an initial free consultation with people coming through our network.  Through this system, workers find attorneys who may be able to take their case, as Glover did.  We also help workers find media assistance if they need it.
In addition to highlighting the connections the TIME’s UP Legal Defense Fund can make, Glover’s story contains two common themes we see among the people who reach out to us.
First, harassment of women is common in traditionally male jobs.  We have received requests for assistance from police officers, firefighters, transportation workers, and corrections guards, just to name a few.  These are important, public service jobs that are entrusted with our safety, yet co-workers and supervisors in these jobs routinely sexually harass the women and make the workplaces unsafe.
Second, sex harassment can have a devastating effect on a person’s economic security.  As explained in an earlier article,  Glover’s job allowed her to earn enough to care for her family – approximately $130,000 a year.  The jobs that she is looking for now pay about half as much.
We agree with Jennifer Glover: all people deserve to be safe at work.  We are so proud to have helped her and will continue to support workers in all industries as they fight for safe, dignified workplaces.  Read about our first year here.
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