African American Women’s Equal Pay Day Is August 23

This year, we recognize African American women’s equal pay day today, August 23. This marks the symbolic day that the earnings of African American women will catch up to their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts’ earnings from last year.
We use the latest Census Bureau figures on earnings to calculate the wage gaps for women, including Latinas, mothers, and African American women. And in 2014 (the latest available data), African American women earned 60.5 cents for every $1 her white, non-Hispanic male counterpart earned.
Translation? African American women have to work nearly 8 months, or 238 days into the next year, to earn as much as white, non-Hispanic men did in the previous year alone. And based on today’s wage gap, that means African American women would lose a staggering $877,480 over the course of a 40-year career compared to white, non-Hispanic men.
So, yes, when we compare all women to all men, Equal Pay Day is in April. But we must acknowledge that African American women face particularly steep and difficult obstacles when it comes to achieving equal pay. That’s why today we’ll be joining with our allies around the country to call for an end to the wage gap, particularly for African American women. Want to join in? Make sure to use the hashtag #BlackWomensEqualPay on your social channels and join us for a Twitter storm on August 23rd, from 2-3 PM EST. You can also share our graphic on Facebook.