The National Women’s Law Center Fund is providing this list of additional resources for informational purposes only.  By providing this information, The National Women’s Law Center Fund does not vouch for the organizations listed or the results that you may obtain.  

For support for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking:

Hotlines and Support Groups

General Resources

For support for those in suicidal crisis or emotional distress:

For Reproductive Health:

For counseling services:

For more information on reporting civil rights violations in the workplace, education or health care to the government:


For Other Types of Discrimination:

For age-based discrimination:

For discrimination on the basis of race:

For discrimination on the basis of disability:

For sex discrimination in housing:

For discrimination and violence against incarcerated people:

For sex discrimination internationally:


For Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Matters:

Note: As a first resource for legal assistance for divorce, custody, and child support, please contact your local Legal Aid Bureau or local bar association lawyer referral service.


For Lawyer Referral Services:


General Legal Resources:






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