2017 Webinar Series: “If You Care About…, You Should Care About Reproductive Justice”

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The National Women’s Law Center and If/When/How are co-sponsoring a webinar series focusing on the intersection of reproductive justice with other social justice issues. There will be three webinars throughout the fall – sign up for each webinar below:

The reproductive justice movement was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of visionary Black women. The movement recognizes the importance of intersectionality and places reproductive health and rights within a social justice and human rights framework. Reproductive justice supports the right of individuals to have the children they want, raise the children they have, and plan their families through safe, legal access to abortion and contraception.

In order to make these rights a reality, the movement recognizes that reproductive justice will only be achieved when all people have the economic, social, and political power to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction with dignity and autonomy.

It's time for change, and we must act now. Time's up.