The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have exposed and magnified the profound economic inequities that women of color, and women more generally, face in our society. Since March, billionaires have been able to add nearly $1 trillion to their already outsized wealth, while everyone else—especially women and people of color—have struggled with widespread job losses, lack of adequate health care and child care, and housing and food insecurity.

  • Right now, our priority should be to implement large-scale public spending to get the virus under control, make sure people can meet basic needs, and allow our economy and communities to recover.
  • In the longer term, taxing corporations and wealthy households at higher rates will contribute to a greater pool of revenues to better support our priorities such as child care and affordable housing.
  • In addition, increasing taxes on the wealthy and big corporations offers a powerful tool to ensure that the well-off pay their fair share.