At this unprecedented time for abortion rights and access, there is a critical role for the business community to play in showing support for their employees and communities. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – in which the Court declared that there is no constitutional right to abortion and allowed whatever politicians are in power in a state at a given moment to determine people’s access to abortion – the need is more urgent than ever.

Following the June 24 decision, a range of businesses and corporate leaders have voiced support for abortion as part of people’s fundamental rights, freedom, and economic security, and as a key component of their ability to participate in the workforce.  They have announced support for employees in states where abortion is now illegal by expanding a range of benefits including paying travel costs for employees seeking healthcare out of state and offering to pay legal fees for those transporting individuals seeking care. Several business leaders and executives have also spoken out sharing their own experiences with abortion.

There is a strong business case for abortion policies and decades of research demonstrating the devastating impact abortion bans have on women’s economic security. Additionally, new polling showcases that corporate efforts in support of abortion access are much more popular among U.S. adults than those that support the Supreme Court’s decision. We also know that this recent decision has potential far reaching implications on a range of other fundamental rights important to businesses, workers, families and communities.

While it will take weeks, years, and perhaps a generation to remedy the harm caused by this decision, below are a range of ways for businesses to engage and make a difference in this high-stakes moment:

Speak out on the ways that access to abortion impacts your employees, business, and communities

Align your policies on a range of gender equity issues including:

  • ensuring employer sponsored health care coverage includes free or low-cost contraception, abortion care and other reproductive health care and services;
  • ensuring that workers who need time off to travel for abortion care are supported with travel costs, paid time off, and other relevant benefits;
  • accommodating and supporting pregnant workers and workers who are caregivers;
  • ensuring workers across the full range of the workforce are paid a living wage and equally.

Support public policy that protects and expands abortion rights and access

  • Call on federal policymakers to protect and expand abortion access, including by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act
  • Contact local and state legislators to share the harmful impact that abortion restrictions and bans will have on your employees and business operations
  • Align political giving with candidates who support ESG commitments

Sign on to the Don’t Ban Equality campaign

  • The “Don’t Ban Equality” statement underscores the impact of abortion bans on the workforce, specifically the alarming implementation of state restrictions and the impact the looming Supreme Court decision will have on millions of workers across dozens of states.

Donate to and promote employee gift matching for donations to frontline groups

If you or your business would like to support NWLC or explore other ways to engage in support of reproductive rights, contact NWLC’s Director of External Affairs, Jennifer Bixler, at [email protected].