NWLC Applauds Introduction of Strengthened Schedules That Work Act

(Washington, D.C.) Today, Representative Rosa DeLauro is reintroducing the Schedules That Work Act—critical legislation that will give working people greater stability and predictability in their work schedules and in their lives. (Senator Elizabeth Warren will reintroduce an identical bill in the coming weeks.) In the industries in which employers often use “just-in-time” scheduling practices that leave working people scrambling, the bill requires two weeks’ notice of work schedules and compensation for last-minute shift changes. And across industries, the bill ensures that employees have a right to make work schedule requests without fear of retaliation, as well as a right to adequate time to commute and rest between shifts. This “right to rest” is an addition to the bill in the 116th Congress; the updated bill also reaches more industries and includes stronger incentives for employers to provide meaningful advance notice to covered employees.

The following is a statement by Emily Martin, Vice President for Education & Workplace Justice at the National Women’s Law Center:

“When you don’t know when you’ll have to go to work or for how long, it’s virtually impossible to arrange child care, hold down a second job to make ends meet, attend school, or care for your own medical needs. Women who are breadwinners and caregivers for their families disproportionately bear the brunt of unstable, unpredictable work schedules—especially women of color, who face a higher risk of experiencing just-in-time scheduling practices than their white counterparts. The stress created by these schedules harms entire families, including the children for whom working parents must scramble to find last-minute care. The Schedules That Work Act will provide greater predictability and stability for both employees and employers in the industries that need it most and give all working people a voice in their schedules. We urge Congress to pass this commonsense legislation and make the economy work better for everyone.


For Immediate Release:  November 5, 2019
Contact:  LySaundra Campbell ([email protected])