Federal Workers Recount Life Under Trump: ‘They Were Doing A Purge’

Sunu Chandy says she knew right away there’d be changes. […] “We now had leaders who had been activists against the very mission that we stood for,” says Chandy. Chandy admits it wasn’t easy. “I was in tears when I would go to work for that year,” says Chandy. To cope, Chandy started an underground support group for federal workers. They met in restaurants and, later, a church basement as word got around and membership swelled. The meetings were sworn to secrecy. This is the first time Chandy has spoken publicly about the group. “What were we afraid of? Someone’s going to say we’re not being loyal to this leader,” she says. […] Eventually both Chandy and Clement decided they had to leave the federal government. Chandy joined the National Women’s Law Center in D.C. where she’s now battling the administration in court.