House Budget Jeopardizes Economic Security of Women and Families

This week House Budget Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) introduced the FY 2017 budget resolution. Despite its title, the budget resolution is hardly a recipe for a “stronger America.” Instead, it proposes policies that will substantially undercut the economic security of women and families by jeopardizing their access to essential programs like Social Security and Medicaid, eliminating the Affordable Care Act, and slashing funding available for domestic programs like Head Start, child care assistance and domestic violence prevention.
young couple worried at home in stress accounting bank documentsThe Budget Committee approved Chairman Price’s plan on Wednesday evening. And the Budget Committee is not the only one in a slash-and-burn mood lately: also this week, the Ways & Means Committee approved several harmful proposals, including a bill to deny critical tax benefits to millions of children in low-income, working, immigrant families, while the Energy & Commerce Committee agreed to cut funding for preventive health care and children’s health programs.
The House budget resolution would:

And here’s what the Price budget would not do: raise the revenue we need to invest in our economy and our families, instead opting to lower tax rates for high-income people and shelter offshore corporate profits from U.S. taxes. Overall, Rep. Price’s plan would almost certainly increase poverty and inequality, causing the most harm to the struggling families it claims to help.