Happy Friday: Working Families Tax Relief Act Introduced in the House

Here’s a little good news for your Friday. You may recall that back in April, Senators Brown, Bennet, Durbin and Wyden introduced the Working Families Tax Relief Act – a little piece of legislation that would have benefited over 25 million working women – including almost 4.9 million Black women, nearly 4.8 million Latinx women, 1.3 million AAPI women, and 280,000 Native American women – if it had been in effect in 2017. Yesterday, Rep. Dan Kildee and Rep. Dwight Evans introduced the House version of this game-changing legislation.
Just as a reminder, this important bill would, among other things:

  • Strengthen the EITC for workers without dependents and provide an ample increase in the credit for families;
  • Ensure that the lowest-income families and children are not left out of the CTC;
  • Proposes a Young Child Tax Credit (YCTC), which provides additional income support for households with children under age 6; and
  • Boost the EITC and extend the CTC to Puerto Rico

The improvements to the EITC and CTC proposed in the Working Families Tax Relief Act would make a real difference in the lives of working women and their families across the country. We’re excited to see this bill introduced in the House, along with other proposals that target tax benefits to workers, women, and families, rather than the wealthy and corporations.