Tell Your Lawmakers to Trust Patients and Their Providers!

Politicians keep trying to get between us and our providers. Recently, legislators have begun advancing bills that would require abortion providers to tell patients that a medication abortion may be reversible. This is totally unsupported by medical evidence. The real reason politicians push bills like this is to disrupt the relationship between patients and providers and shame patients who have already decided to have an abortion.
You can take action to tell your lawmakers that they should reject legislation requiring providers to tell patients false information. Sign the Abortion Care Network’s petition telling lawmakers that they should trust patients to make decisions about their own lives and abortion providers’ expertise in giving patients complete, accurate, patient-centered care.
“Abortion reversal” is not a thing. These measures are intended to shame women who have already had an abortion and discredit their providers.
The idea that medication abortion can be reversed has no basis in science. For that reason, major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, vocally oppose laws requiring abortion providers to tell patients that abortions can be reversed.

Despite the total lack of evidence, politicians are trying to force doctors to tell their patients that they might be able to reverse a medication abortion. Idaho legislators introduced a bill in January requiring doctors to tell patients that their medication abortions may be reversible, while Arkansas and South Dakota have such laws already on the books. Arizona passed a similar law in 2015, though it was challenged in court and later repealed.  In Georgia, senators just proposed a bill last week that would require physicians to tell a pregnant person that it may be possible to reverse a medication abortion if the person changes her mind, but that “time is of the essence” – a nonsensical statement given that zero evidence exists showing progesterone can stop an abortion at all, much less that it requires speedy action.
These measures are intended to induce panic and regret in patients who have already decided to have an abortion, and to drive a wedge between a patient and her provider. They are just more brazen attempts to shame people who decide to have an abortion and stigmatize those who provide patients with abortion care.
Sign the petition telling lawmakers to trust patients and their providers!
Abortion providers are the experts in giving patients abortion care according to medical standards and patient needs. Politicians need to get their unscientific, stigmatizing legislation out of the way of proper patient care.
The Abortion Care Network, a national association of independent abortion clinics, is asking you to stand with them against “abortion reversal” bills. Tell politicians that you “trust patients to be the experts in their own lives,” and that providers need to be able to support patients “without state-mandated deception, pressure, or shame.” Sign the petition to stand with patients and providers!