The Business Case for Child Care

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Child care is fundamental to the economic security of women and their families — but it is out of reach for far too many. For many parents, finding stable, affordable, high-quality child care is an almost insurmountable challenge. With the average costs of child care exceeding the costs of in-state tuition at public universities in many states, and a severe child care shortage in many areas, working parents often find it incredibly difficult to find the child care they need in order to work.

Along with families and other members of the community, businesses are key stakeholders in ensuring increased investments in child care. When workers have access to high-quality, stable, affordable child care, their employers are better off because it reduces absenteeism and productivity loss, and increases employee retention. Communities benefit when families can work, and the child care industry is supported. And high-quality child care can help prepare children for success in school, and beyond – to the benefit of the broader community. In short, increasing investments in child care is good for business.

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Published On: September 25, 2017Associated Issues: Child Care & Early Learning

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