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In states across the country, public school teachers – primarily women – are sitting in, walking out, striking, and taking bold and unapologetic action in an historic effort to force state lawmakers to not only raise teacher pay but adequately fund public education instead of doling out tax breaks to corporations. These teachers are putting their bodies and their livelihoods on the line, not just as working people, but also as individuals working in union represented workplaces watching public service unions come under attack. They are educators serving under-resourced communities; parents whose children suffer from underfunded educations; concerned individuals who are watching their elected officials pass tax breaks at the expense of needed public services, as well as clean air and clean water; patients who are watching their healthcare costs skyrocket; and, perhaps most importantly, women who know that, personally and professionally, they are worth more. These actions are significant for reasons that cut across all of our work at the National Women’s Law Center. That’s why we are taking a deep dive into this moment, exploring and documenting the issues that are catalyzing hundreds of thousands of people to action.

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