Talking Points & Resources: Reproductive Rights & Health

Here are a few points to focus on when talking to your member of Congress, as well as additional resources where you can learn more. We encourage you to personalize this information with your own stories and experiences, so your representatives understand the impact their choices will have on you.


Members of Congress have introduced several extreme, and often unconstitutional, bills intended to restrict access to abortion. Many of these bills target women struggling to make ends meet and women of color. A bill meant to eliminate insurance coverage of abortion and make it impossible for many women to afford an abortion was passed by the House only a few weeks into the session, making clear that restricting abortion access is one of their top priorities.

In addition, Members are trying to push restrictions in annual “must-pass” funding bills that would limit women’s access to abortion. For example, the harmful Weldon amendment, which has been included in the bill that funds programs like education and job training for the past seven years, allows hospitals, doctors and health insurers to refuse to pay for, cover, or even refer individuals to other providers for abortion services.


Ask your members of Congress to fight back against these harmful restrictions and support policies that allow women to get the health care they need, including abortion.

  • Will you protect access to abortion by opposing policies that would make it more difficult for me to access the care I need?
  • Will you oppose harmful restrictions included in annual funding bills that restrict women’s access to abortion?

Birth Control

The Administration is threatening harmful regulatory action that would permit virtually anyone, including employers and insurers, to deny women no-cost coverage of contraception guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This would leave women, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet, to shoulder out-of-pocket costs for contraception.

Ask your members of Congress to let the Administration know that it is unacceptable to take birth control coverage away from women, treat birth control differently from other health services, and to impose cost barriers on women’s access to contraception.

  • Will you speak out in opposition to any Administrative action that would limit women’s access to the birth control?
  • Will you support legislation or policies that will preserve women’s access to no-cost contraceptive coverage?

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Published On: July 31, 2017

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