The Legal Network for Gender Equity and TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund hosted a webinar, “The Rise of Anti-DEI Litigation and Legislation and its Impact on Employment Law” on April 25, 2024.    

This webinar:    

  • provided background on the political and cultural context and impact of the rise of anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, including the recent Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard decision. 
  • highlighted examples of recent anti-DEI legislation and litigation and their impact on employment law. 
  • discussed how attorneys can recognize and frame patterns of bias to prove Title VII discrimination claims. 


  • Subhashini Bollini (she/her), Partner, Correia & Puth 
  • Sunu Chandy (she/her), Senior Advisor, Democracy Forward 
  • Jin Hee Lee (she/her), Director of Strategic Initiatives, Legal Defense Fund 
  • Emma Leibowitz (she/her), Legal Fellow, Democracy Forward 
  • Lizzy Vogel(she/her), Senior Counsel, Legal Network for Gender Equity & TIMES UP Legal Defense Fund, National Women’s Law Center (Moderator)   

Copies of the slides are available for download on this page.