The Trump Administration and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are refusing to work on relief for Americans who are facing hunger, record unemployment, and evictions so that they can instead push through Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination in the middle of an election and a pandemic. The Senate must stop this sham nomination process and focus on the relief and care the country needs.

We are facing a pandemic and historic unemployment, and women are leaving the labor force in record numbers because of lack of work and supports for working parents. In September alone, over 800,000 women left the workforce. Women – especially Black women and Latinas – are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of engaging in a partisan fight over a Supreme Court nomination even as people are already voting, the Senate should be focused on helping Americans by passing critical COVID relief packages.

Even if we were not amid a pandemic, economic crisis, and recession, Judge Barrett’s nomination would be harmful for women workers and their families. Barrett’s statements and the opinions she wrote and joined show a fundamental disregard for issues that are crucial to women workers: health care, equal pay, stopping institutional racism, and the ability of people to assert their rights collectively in court. In fact, an analysis of her opinions showed that 89% of the opinions she wrote were pro-business and 83% of the opinions she joined were pro-business.