Workers in low-wage industries are especially vulnerable to both sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, wage and hour violations and retaliation for reporting these issues. By establishing a comprehensive intake process and providing a baseline knowledge of the law in the areas of wage and hour, anti-discrimination and retaliation, legal advocates can effectively provide workers with the information and knowledge they need to create safer, healthier work places.

Watch this webinar, hosted by the National Women’s Law Center and the National Employment Law Project, to learn about issue spotting and best practices for intakes when providing legal support to low-wage workers and low-income clients with workplace disputes.

Featured presenters:

  • Sunu Chandy, Legal Director, National Women’s Law Center
  • Laura Huizar, Staff Attorney, National Employment Law Project
  • Najah Farley, Senior Staff Attorney, National Employment Law Project

Moderated by: Sarah David Heydemann, Legal Fellow-Workplace Justice, National Women’s Law Center

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