Powerpoint preview: Voters Priorities for CongressAfter two years of intense activism in the women’s movement led to a historic November 2018 election that had record turnout, record engagement among women voters, and record wins by women candidates. The election saw candidates centering issues central to the lives of women and girls, including sexual assault, reproductive rights, and women’s economic opportunity. Following this momentum, the National Women’s Law Center  Because commissioned a survey exploring voters’ views on these issues and we found strong support for progress on these issues across demographic groups.

The survey features new data showing strong support for a wide range of specific policy solutions, including: providing reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers; protecting against discrimination for use of birth control, abortion, in vitro fertilization, or sex outside of marriage; increasing funding for programs that help families meet their basic needs; and strengthening protections against sexual harassment and sexual violence. We also explore the connections that voters see among issues in order to begin finding ways to break down silos and move towards a more integrated approach to the issues.

Among the survey, we found:

  • 74% of voters think it is important for Congress to protect reproductive rights
    • 7 in ten voters do not want Roe v. Wade overturned
  • 67% of voters think it is important for Congress to improve economic opportunities for women
    • 81% support making sure that people who get tips, like servers, are paid at least the same minimum wage as other workers
  • 66% of voters think it is important for Congress to prioritize preventing sexual harassment and assault
    • 90% support strengthening protections against sexual harassment and sexual violence in the workplace and in schools