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Abortion Access Legal Defense Fund FAQs


Is my case eligible for funding?

Your case may be eligible for funding if:

  • you sought an abortion, information about one, or assistance obtaining one; or you have helped someone else access abortion by providing material, financial, or logistical support to that person to help enable them to obtain an abortion;
  • you are now facing legal action because of your involvement with abortion; and
  • you need help paying legal expenses.

How does the application process work?

The application process is designed for attorneys. Attorneys can begin the application process on behalf of their client by filling out the attorney’s contact information here. If you are an abortion patient or supporter, you can provide your attorney’s contact information. But please do not provide your own personal information. Once we have the attorney’s contact information, we may contact the attorney regarding next steps, including to schedule a screening interview.

If the case appears to be eligible for funding based on the screening interview, we will send the attorney a full application for funding. If the case is ineligible for funding, we will notify the attorney promptly.

After the attorney completes the application, they may be contacted for an additional interview. Attorneys will be notified of a decision on their applications as soon as possible following their submission of requested application materials.


What if I don’t have an attorney yet?

If you have sought abortion or information about one for yourself, you may contact If/When/How’s Repro Legal Helpline.

If you have helped someone else obtain an abortion or information about one, you may contact the Abortion Defense Network.

Once you have an attorney, if you still need help paying legal expenses, you may ask your attorney to fill out their contact information here to have a screening interview scheduled with the Abortion Access LDF.

What kinds of expenses does the Abortion Access LDF cover?

If an application is approved, the Abortion Access LDF can help pay for some of the legal fees and costs that arise as a result of the legal action you are facing because you sought or obtained an abortion or information about abortion, or helped someone else seek or obtain an abortion or information about abortion. These costs may include:

  • Attorney’s fees
  • Court filing fees
  • Transcript fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Mediation costs
  • Private investigator costs
  • Travel costs necessary to attend required court appearances

Is there a financial need requirement?

Yes. The Abortion Access LDF is intended to assist in situations where it would be difficult to get adequate legal representation without financial support, or where the cost of such representation will impose substantial hardship on the client or their attorney The Abortion Access LDF decision of whether an individual case meets the financial need requirement is determined on a case-by-case basis and in its discretion.

My case has already been going on for a while before I learned about the Abortion Access LDF. Can I still apply for funding?

Yes. Your attorney can apply for funding at any time before or during a legal action. The Abortion Access LDF generally will not provide funding for expenses incurred more than a month before an application is submitted, but it may be able to provide funding for expenses incurred going forward when it decides to approve an application.

Who decides whether my case will be funded?

If your attorney has completed the full application process with the Abortion Access LDF, an internal committee evaluate it alongside other completed applications. The committee will determine which cases will receive funding and how much in their discretion. The LDF will not be able to fund all deserving cases.


Due to limited funds, the Abortion Access LDF will not be able to provide support to all deserving applicants. The determination as to which cases will receive Abortion Access LDF financial support and the amount of support each matter will receive will be made by the Abortion Access Legal Defense Fund LLC after review and in its sole discretion.

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