Nevada’s working families continue to keep the state’s economy going despite having been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn it triggered, as well as the rising cost of living. Keeping up with the soaring costs of housing, food, utilities and other household expenses has been challenging for many Nevadans going into this year’s midterm elections. As a result, everyday Nevadans, particularly women of color, say economic security is their most motivating issue. Women of color have been instrumental in the state’s recovery and are a growing political force. This survey report details some of the issues and key policies that are motivating women of color voters in Nevada.

To better understand the diverse landscape of Nevada, especially across race and gender, the National Women’s Law Center, Make It Work Nevada Education Fund, the Asian Community Development Council, and Somos Votantes cocommissioned this survey to understand how women of color are faring and what issues are critical to their well-being. This report presents findings from a survey conducted to understand the sentiments and perceptions of Latina, Black, and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) women voters, as compared to white women and men voter counterparts, including an understanding of (1) how these women of color voters perceive the impact of their vote and (2) what key issues are motivating them.