To all who have said Me Too and called out for change,

We write as state legislators from across the United States to say: We hear you. We are with you. And we commit to fighting for a safer future for everyone.

We see how sexual violence and other forms of sexual harassment deeply injure our communities by keeping students from succeeding in school, denying women safety and equal opportunity at work, and—as many of us have witnessed firsthand—blocking women from political leadership. No state is immune to this corrosive harm.

On the one-year anniversary of #MeToo going viral, nearly 300 organizations came together to call for strengthened protections against sexual harassment and violence at work, in schools, homes, and communities—demanding concrete advances in “20 states by 2020.”

Now, as voters demand leaders who champion safety and dignity for all survivors and historically high numbers of women are being elected to state legislatures, we cannot wait for Congress to act.

States must lead in this fight.

As state legislative sessions begin, we commit to supporting survivors and working to address sexual harassment and violence in our workplaces, our schools, and every place it occurs.

We will work with survivors and the communities most severely impacted by sexual violence—including women of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA and gender nonconforming individuals—who are central to creating the solutions this movement demands.

 Together let’s build a better world in the MeToo Era.

 We call on all states to join us.

 The time is now.

 In Solidarity,

(see full list of legislators)


If you are a current state legislator interested in taking the #20Statesby2020 pledge to advance concrete steps in protections against sexual harassment and violence, join here.