Trump Acquittal “A Gross Miscarriage of Justice,” Says NWLC

(Washington, D.C.) In response to the acquittal of President Donald Trump by the United States Senate, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center Fatima Goss Graves issued the following statement:

“Today we witnessed a gross miscarriage of justice and a confirmation that what’s at stake now is nothing less than our entire democracy. The end of the impeachment trial is disturbing not because of the president’s acquittal, but because there simply was no trial. A trial is a formal examination of evidence yet relevant evidence was not allowed, and no witnesses were permitted. The Senate failed to live up to its constitutional obligation. Quite simply, they failed our country. Our founders set up a system of checks and balances to avoid exactly where we find ourselves today: with a president who suggests he is above the law, and a branch of government that enables that view. We cannot let this abuse of power persist. It is up to all of us to hold our elected officials accountable, and to fight for a restoration of trust in our government.”