Protecting the Rule of Law: NWLC Reacts to Historic impeachment Vote

The following is a statement by Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of NWLC:

“Today’s historic vote in the House to impeach President Trump sends a clear and critical message: no president is above the law. At the National Women’s Law Center, we know that the very notion of the rule of law is critical to our democracy and to our country’s health and vitality. It is what undergirds all of our rights. And now it is up to the Senate to – above all else – live up to what the Constitution requires, and ensure a full and fair trial. In this unprecedented time, that accountability also lies with each and every one us who calls this great nation our home. We – The People – must come together now to demand that they do what is right and choose country over partisan interests. What is right is full transparency. What is right is a fair process and thorough hearing. What is right is the American people ensuring the kind of government we can believe in.”