NWLC Responds to Jury Verdict Finding Harvey Weinstein Guilty of Three Criminal Charges

The following is a statement by Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC):  

“It is our hope that today’s verdict delivers an important measure of justice to the Silence Breakers who bravely told their horrifying stories of sexual abuse. The trial and the coverage around it are a reminder why survivors often remain silent—and how our ingrained stereotypes about how ‘real victims’ behave routinely disregard how power works. We have deep gratitude for everyone who came forward and endured this system. By telling their stories, they have inspired others to do the same.

“We’ve come a long way since the Weinstein story initially broke in 2017. Yet today’s split verdict, and the stereotypes about survivors on display throughout the trial, underscore how much work remains. We won’t stop until we achieve safety, dignity, and equality for all at work, at school, and in our communities.”