NWLC Condemns Virginia’s Legislative Attacks Against Trans and Nonbinary Students

Washington, DC – Today, the Virginia Senate Committee on Education and Health is set to review three deeply concerning anti-trans bills (SB 37, SB 723, and SB 68). In response, the National Women’s Law Center submitted testimony in opposition. 

Anya Marino, Director of LGBTQIA+ Equality at the National Women’s Law Center, issued the following statement:

“We strongly oppose the introduction of these harmful bills, which only serve to further persecute LGBTQIA+ youth. SB 37 mandates the forced outing and endangerment of LGBTQIA+ students. It imposes a one-size-fits-all approach that heightens the risks of harassment, abuse, and other forms of violence. Meanwhile, policies that target trans women and girls, like SB 723 and SB 68, aim to prohibit transgender women and girls from participating in athletic programs aligned with their affirmed gender at all educational levels. 

These harmful and nefarious policies threaten the athletic opportunities and safety of all women and girls, because they invite gender policing that undermines all women and girls’ advancements and opportunities. Moreover, they deny trans women and girls their basic right to human dignity and erase what we at NWLC know to be true: trans women and girls are women and girls.

These continued attacks by policymakers on LGBTQIA+ youth have severe consequences, causing profound harm to students. We need advocates, not bullies, representing the state of Virginia. NWLC will continue the fight on behalf of LGBTQIA+ youth because every student deserves the right to learn in a safe and respectful school environment.”