Child Care Providers Deserve COVID-19 Crisis Support

(Washington, D.C.) As the spread of the coronavirus tests the country’s economy, the National Women’s Law Center is joining a coalition of public policy experts calling on Congress for swift and immediate action to support child care and early learning providers.


The following is a statement from Catherine White, Director of Child Care and Early Learning at NWLC:


“This pandemic is already testing the strength of our economy and our public health infrastructure—both of which depend on child care and child care workers. Providers work within thin margins, barely making ends meet in good times, let alone bad. Tens of millions of families rely on the underpaid child care workforce, making it all the more critical Congress take swift and decisive action to secure and support them.”


NWLC has a full staff of policy experts available for interviews and discussion about the potential economic impacts of COVID-19, including those focused on income security, poverty, child care, low wage workers, and health care access. Please contact Gillian Branstetter at [email protected] or (717)648-9375.


The full letter demanding support for child care providers sent to Congress and a list of participating organizations can be found here.