Time’s Up Advertising Held 14 Meetings to Talk Inclusion, Harassment and Solutions for Agencies

While on stage, the group explained that those events would include meetings like the ones it held throughout the country yesterday. Fundraising efforts will be conducted in partnership with the National Women’s Law Center to help provide legal representation for women bringing lawsuits against their employers for harassment or related issues.  “Time’s Up Advertising is not a movement; it’s a call to action,” the organization said in an additional statement to Adweek. “We are focused on fixing our agencies, which means looking at and addressing the imbalance of power dynamics. We hear the comments about women being complicit or part of the problem and take them seriously. Our goal is progress, action and change—for everyone.”  The statement above served, in part, as a response to claims that some women involved in the Time’s Up group had themselves facilitated or engaged in abusive behavior.