Harvey Weinstein Is Convicted of Rape in Case That Sparked #MeToo

#MeToo advocates stress that the movement is about more than the Weinstein trial.

“These really brave women have unleashed something that is bigger than anything we could have ever predicted,” said Fatima Goss Graves, the president and chief executive officer of the National Women’s Law Center.

Since the allegations against Weinstein were first widely reported, some 1,400 powerful people have been publicly accused of harassment, abuse or assault, according to Temin, the crisis consultants. Many suffered professional consequences of one kind or another. Workplaces have bolstered their sexual harassment policies. Some of the biggest companies, including Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Wells Fargo & Co., have dropped forced-arbitration clauses for harassment complaints from employment contracts. More than a dozen states have amended or updated workplace harassment laws.

“That public conversation and transformation is much bigger than any one person, even someone who is as powerful as Harvey Weinstein,” Goss Graves said.