Make an Emergency Contribution During the COVID-19 Crisis

Can you make an emergency contribution to support the Law Center’s COVID-19 response work and its ongoing fight for gender justice?

For more than 40 years, the Center has expanded the possibilities for women and their families, thanks to support from our generous donors. The Center is committed to rising above the challenges ahead, to securing past gains, and to advancing equality and opportunity for women and girls.

In support of this commitment, we offer several opportunities for donors who want to get involved more deeply with our mission.

Give to the Brooksley Born Innovation Fund

In honor of Brooksley Born’s extraordinary service as the Center’s Board Chair for nearly 40 years, the Center created the Brooksley Born Innovation Fund. This special resource helps ensure that we can be nimble and creative in addressing future challenges and launch innovative, cutting-edge projects.

Learn more about the Brooksley Born Innovation Fund

Give to the Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia G. Greenberger Legacy Fund

The Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia D. Greenberger Legacy Fund honors the extraordinary legacy of two of our country's pioneers in the field of women's advocacy: NWLC Founders and Co-Presidents Emeritae Duffy Campbell and Marcia Greenberger. The Legacy Fund will develop, strengthen, and empower a cadre of leaders from across the country to build and hone their advocacy skills on a host of issues—broadly defined but always sharply focused on building a better future for women and girls for generations to come.

Learn more about the Nancy Duff Campbell and Marcia G. Greenberger Legacy Fund

Join Our Leadership Advisory Committee

The Center’s Leadership Advisory Committee is a high-level advisory committee of talented leaders who provide the Center with advice and support on critical issues that affect women and their families. Membership is primarily open to attorneys who are employed by law firms and companies that contribute $10,000 or more annually.

Learn more about the Leadership Advisory Committee

Give to the Joan and James H. Bernstein Fund

 The Joan and James H. Bernstein Fund benefits the National Women’s Law Center’s efforts to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers to athletics for girls across America. Your support will ensure that girls’ athletics opportunities are protected and expanded, with a focus on the girls who are most at risk of missing out on the benefits of playing sports.

Learn more about the Joan and James H. Bernstein Fund

Support the Helen Blank Award for Rising Child Care Leaders

In honor of Helen Blank’s enormous impact in the early childhood field for more than forty years, including her leadership as the National Women’s Law Center’s Director of Child Care and Early Learning for almost two decades, the Law Center created the Helen Blank Award for Rising Child Care Leaders.  Presented at the Law Center’s annual child care conference, this award recognizes the advocacy efforts of rising child care leaders and supports their efforts nationwide.

Learn more about the Helen Blank Award for Rising Child Care Leaders

Give to the Iris Feldman Mitgang Internship

In celebration and remembrance of the life of Iris Mitgang, a driving force of the early feminist movement, the Center’s Iris Feldman Mitgang Internship provides future champions of women’s rights the opportunity to intern at the National Women’s Law Center.

Learn more about the Iris Feldman Mitgang Internship. 

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For more information on becoming a special supporter of the National Women’s Law Center, please contact us at or call (202) 588-5180.

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