Destigmatizing Abortion: Let’s Trust Patients to Make Their Own Decisions!

Hey there! If you care about abortion access—and we hope you do—you probably don’t want to use stigmatizing language about abortion. Our “Destigmatizing Abortion” series breaks down some of the mistakes a lot of us can make in our advocacy journey.  

Today, let’s talk about the phrase: “abortion is never an easy decision.” 

Guess what—it totally might be! Or it might not at all. Having an abortion is a deeply personal decision, and we don’t need to know or assume anything about how the patient came to need abortion care. I mean, y’all ever heard of HIPAA? 

We don’t know anyone’s circumstances, so let’s trust people to make decisions that are best for their lives and their bodies rather than feeding into the anti-choice fantasy of no one ever wanting an abortion!  

All we need to do is fight for everyone to be able to get the abortion and other reproductive health care that ensures for them a safe and healthy life. And believe me, everyone wants that.