Celebrate #AANHPI Heritage Month: #ProtectFamilies

Amy Matsui's mom

Amy Matsui's mom
Amy’s mother

Part of my AANHPI heritage is the fact that my mother is an immigrant.
#IHonorMy mom’s immigrant experience as part of commemorating Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Almost every family has an immigration story. Immigrants like my mom are part of our national fabric and part of every community – they are our neighbors, our classmates, and our coworkers.
I honor my heritage this month by speaking out against this administration’s unrelenting attacks against immigrants and their families – which at this point are almost impossible to enumerate. But this month alone, the administration has made time to propose an administrative rule that would force families to choose between receiving housing assistance and staying together.
This rule could cause an estimated 55,000 children who are citizens or legal residents to lose their homes.
What’s more, it has been reported that the Department of Justice will soon propose a rule that would allow lawful permanent residents to be deported if they use public programs that help their families meet basic needs. And it’s also been reported that White House adviser Stephen Miller has been pushing Department of Homeland Security officials to finalize a proposed rule that would cause immigrant families to forego public benefits out of fear that their immigration status would be jeopardized. On top of that, yesterday the administration announced an immigration proposal that would curtail family based immigration.
These, and really all of this administration’s immigration proposals, devalue my family’s experience and target people of color for exclusion. In truth, they undermine our values as a nation.
I shouldn’t have to justify my mom’s immigration by pointing to what she’s contributed to her family and her community, or hold her up as a hardworking example of the “model minority” myth.
I’m proud to be the daughter of an immigrant, and part of this nation’s immigration story. #IHonorMy family’s immigrant background this month by standing together with the immigrant community to say no to xenophobia, racism, and division. #ThanksFam