Birth Control: We've Got You Covered Blog Carnival LogoAs we’ve been sharing, this summer, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) is expected to make its recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about which preventive health care services should be covered by all new health insurance plans without a co-pay or other out-of-pocket costs. Later this summer, HHS will announce what will be included based on these recommendations – and we are working hard to make sure that prescription birth control is included.

But we’re going to go one step further to demonstrate the importance of birth control for women, families, and couples nationwide. On July 21, 2011, we’ll be hosting the “Birth Control: We’ve Got You Covered” blog carnival, featuring bloggers from across the net.

Women need access to birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies, plan the timing and size of their families and protect their health. Women know the preventive health benefits of birth control, but we also know the cost to stay on it throughout our childbearing years. Birth control can be expensive, and the high cost of birth control can affect whether women use it consistently.

If you blog, we’d like for you to sign up, too – just click here for more information and a sign up form. If you’re not a blogger, we invite you to join us on July 21 for a day full of blogs on the importance of contraception in women’s lives.

It’s time to move women’s health forward, and for us to be able to say – we’ve got you covered. Join the effort to support no-cost prescription birth control by signing up to participate in our blog carnival.

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