by Judy Waxman, Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights, 
National Women's Law Center 

I don’t deserve health care that meets my needs. 
I shouldn’t demand fairness in my health care coverage.
I can’t do anything about it anyway.

That’s what the health insurance profiteers want you to think.

They aren’t thinking about the mother who is struggling to find insurance because she had a Caesarean section. Not the woman who survived domestic violence and now must face rejection by an insurance company for having a so-called “pre-existing condition.” Not the woman who pays more than a man for the same health coverage, even when maternity care isn’t covered.

Being a woman is NOT a pre-existing condition.

Watch the video and take action. 

Here at the National Women’s Law Center, we’ve worked hard to uncover and fight against the outrageous insurance practices women face. Now we’re leading the charge to make sure the voice of every woman in America rings through the halls of Congress in the final push for health care reform. Because we know that women and their families need health care reform that works for them — and they need it now.

Be a part of our new campaign, Being a Woman is Not a Pre-Existing Condition. Visit

And spread the word to all the women in your life. You’re not a pre-existing condition — and neither are they.

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