From Tax Cuts for the Rich to Cuts to Vital Programs for Women and Families

While Republicans were rushing to pass this tax scam, many of them started signaling the next step in their “two-step fiscal agenda”: cutting benefits for low and middle-income families in order to pay for said tax

Congress Passes Tax Cuts for Wealthy While Children and Dreamers Hang in the Balance

Despite the bill’s extremely low approval ratings (hovering somewhere around 32%), the GOP rammed it through Congress on a remarkably abbreviated timeline.

The Senate Just Passed a #BadDealforWomen, But We’re Not Done Fighting

We can still stop this tax plan, but we must act NOW!

Fact Sheet

The Republican Tax Plan: What’s at Stake for Women and Families

Republicans in the House and the Senate have released two versions of tax legislation, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” but their impact is the same: to make women and families pay for tax cuts for

House and Senate Tax Bills Are A Bad Deal for Women

Both the House and Senate GOP bills give crumbs to everyday women and families.

Senate Tax Bill Makes It More Expensive to Go to Work

Like the version approved by the House Ways and Means Committee last week, scheduled for a floor vote in the House later this week, the Senate bill would make women and families pay for tax cuts

The Republican Tax Plan: What’s at Stake for Children

The tax plan would cost approximately $1.5 trillion over ten years—resulting in cuts to vital programs that are essential to the economic security of children and families.

What’s In the House Tax Plan: Medical Expenses

The Republican tax plan impacts a wide range of tax benefits that women and families rely on, including medical expenses.

What’s In the House Tax Plan: Education

The Joint Committee on Taxation calculated that the plan would cut about $65 billion in education tax benefits over a decade.

The House GOP Tax Plan Is A Raw Deal for Women and Families

This backwards tax plan is the last thing women and families need when rising inequality has already undermined the economic security of millions.

What’s In the House Tax Plan: Child Care

The so-called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” affects a broad range of tax benefits that people rely on every day – including tax benefits for child care.

Another Attack on the Right to Abortion—in a Tax Bill?

The most recent attack comes in the form of language in the recently released GOP tax bill that would allow an “unborn child” to be a recipient of a 529 college savings plan.

Terrible Things That the Senate Finance Committee Added to Their Tax Bill Yesterday

This bill already was replete with tax cuts to the super-rich and corporations, and yesterday’s changes offer more of the same.

Sign On Letter from Women's Community Opposing Tax Bill

Trying to Balance on a Two-Legged Stool: If the Tax Bill Takes Away a Key Piece of the Health Care Law, Women Will Lose Access to Affordable Health Care

High out-of-pocket costs, debt, bankruptcy—this is what the health care market was like for many women and families before the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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