Recently, we’ve been sharing information with you on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services on which women’s health preventive services should be included in all new health care plans. Earlier this week we were thrilled to share with you that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued recommendations that included contraception, yearly well-woman visits, support for breast feeding, counseling for sexually transmitted infections, and screening and counseling for domestic violence, among others that health insurers should be requires to cover at no cost to the woman.

Now, we’re excited to share with you the posts of our Birth Control Blog Carnival!

Today we’re teaming up with Planned Parenthood and bloggers from across the internet to discuss the importance of birth control and what the IOM’s decision means for the future of no-cost contraception. We’ll be adding links to blogs below throughout the day – so be sure to keep an eye out here for more!

In the meantime, you can take a look and what’s being said on Twitter, and join in on our conversation using the hashtag #BCBC.

Members of Congress
A Victory for Women’s Health, Representative Lois Capps
DeGette Statement on IOM Recommendations to Improve Women’s Preventive Care
, Representative Diana DeGette
Delauro, Capps Laud IOM Women’s Health Recommendations
, Representative Rosa DeLauro
Mikulski Applauds Institute Of Medicine’s Comprehensive Recommendations For Women’s Preventive Screenings And Care To Be Covered Under The Affordable Care Act, Senator Barbara Mikulski
Schakowsky, Capps, and DeLauro Applaud IOM Recommendation that Birth Control Be Covered As Essential Preventive Health Care
, Representative Jan Schakowsky
Slaughter Praises Decision To Reduce Unintended Pregnancy, Prevent Violence Against Women, Representative Louise Slaughter

National Women’s Law Center
Think your guy is hot? You need no-cost birth control!, Katherine Gallagher Robbins
The Ever Changing World of Birth Control Co-Pays
, Stephanie Drahan
Contraceptive Co-Pays: A Thing of the Past?
, Taylor Brannan
Well-Woman Visits: Keeping Women Healthy, When They Can Afford Them
, Taylor Brannan
Early Detection of Cervical Cancer: An Easy Solution for a Deadly Disease
, Taylor Brannan
Screening for Intimate Partner Violence: A Necessary Preventive Service for Women
, Taylor Brannan
Young Women, Be Grateful for the Health Care Law
, Francesca Acocella
Please voice your support for birth control without cost-sharing on Wall Street Journal site!
, Gretchen Borchelt
Before debating whether “pregnancy is a disease,” read the Best. Opinion. Ever.
, Jill Morrison
No-Cost Birth Control Could Save Women Hundreds of Dollars a Year
, Lisa Pearlstein
“The Sex Box”
, Melissa Greenberg
Birth Control Without Co-Pays Expands Opportunities for Women
, Julie Vogtman
Forget Paying for an Unforgettable Preventive Service
, Hillary Schneller
Win-Win: Taxpayers, Too, Save with No Co-Pay Contraception
, Lisa Christensen Gee
Insurance Coverage for Birth Control With No Co-Pay Is Happening!
, Micole Allekotte
Access Denied
, Dena Robinson

From Our Participants

Free Birth Control?! Implausible. Well, maybe., Nicole Levitz, The Abortion Gang
“to go back and get it”, Sparky, The Abortioneers
Blog Carnival: We’ve Got You Covered (Birth Control), About A Girl, The Abortioneers
A Welcome Recommendation for Women’s Health, Elayne Weiss, ACLU Blog of Rights
The IOM’s Decision is a Win for All Teens, Elizabeth Finley, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign
Really, Who’s Against Birth Control?, Nikki, Advocates for Youth’s Amplify
Young people take action to ensure no-cost birth control!, Julia, Advocates for Youth’s Amplify
We Will Not Go Back, Alexandra, Alexandra Wrote
Contraception: Hidden access issues, Jen Roth, All Our Lives
Gushing, Tori Schroeder, Anytime Yoga
Affordable birth control and health care reform, Bedsider
Birth Control, covered., Kat Sabine, The Bitch In The House
Birth Control Blog Carnival!, Alexa Salvato, Blossoming Badass
Margaret Sanger: Liberator of Women, Stephanie Van Dyk, Casting Off
Take Action for No Co-Pay Birth Control Coverage, Alex DiBranco,’s Women’s Rights
Why Birth Control & Contraceptive Access Matters, Lena Chen, The Ch!cktionary
My Planned Parenthood, Lauren G., Choice USA
Birth control blog carnival
, Pem, Deep Language
Birth Control Blog Carnival (fried dough not included), Li’l Crohnsie, The Diary of Li’l Crohnsie
Why Birth Control Will Make Me a Better Mom, Dren Asselmeier, :DRENERGY
For Teens: Why Talking About Birth Control Matters, Danielle Burch, Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist
Contraception is Prevention!, Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, Families USA’s Stand Up for Health Care
The Ultimate Preventative Medication, Christina Black, Fem 2.0
The Long Journey of the Pill
, Madeline J. , Fem 2.0
No copays for contraceptives? I’ll take it!, Katherine Mullen, Feminist Conscience
Make sure HHS has American women covered, Molly McClure, Feminist Forte
A Girl’s Best Friend, Kaif, Gale Force Kaif
Free Birth Control?, Cindy Brown, The Girl’s Guide to Swagger
Birth Control Coverage is a Critical Win for Women’s Health, but the Fight Continues for Medicaid Beneficiaries & the Uninsured, Brietta Clark, Health Care Justice Blog
Who doesn’t love a blog carnival?, Holly Derr, hld6
It’s time to repave the bumpy road to birth control access, Cathy Wilson i, sandwich
Replying to my mom’s concerns about no-cost birth control, Cathy Wilson i, sandwich
Why Contraceptive Coverage Is Critical: Lessons from Massachusetts, Amanda Dennis, Ibis Reproductive Health, blogging on RH Reality Check
No Co-Pay for Birth Control? A Great First Step Towards Truly Universal Access, Kelly Blanchard, Ibis Reproductive Health, blogging on RH Reality Check
IUDs and implants effective reversible contraceptive methods, Sharon Green, Institute for Women’s Health
Nothing In Life Is Free… but, Should It Be?, Jillian Foster, Jillian J. Foster [dot] com
Planned Parenthood #BCBC Birth Control Blog Carnival, Julie Hardee, The Julie Blog
Why Birth Control Access Matters, Kay Steiger, Kay Steiger Blog
Birth Control Blog Carnival: “We’ve Got You Covered”, Heather Prescott, Knitting Clio
Latinas have much to gain with free access to birth control, Marisa Treviño, Latina Lista
Is Family Planning Preventative Care?, Jean Holmgren, Maternal and Family Health Services
Fox News Contributor: “Let Women Stop Having Irresponsible Sex”, Meredith Kormes, Media Matters
Free Birth Control For American Women!, Allison Macbeth, Morning Quickie
A Preventive Health Care Game-Changer for Women, Kari Paul, Ms. Magazine Blog
Sterilization of Women of Color: Does “Unforced” Mean “Freely Chosen”?, Lisa Wade, Ms. Magazine Blog
Grassroots Momentum for No-Cost Birth Control, Thomas Dollar, NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Blog for Choice
Why No-Cost Birth Control is for Me, Brittany, NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota
Prescription Birth Control is Preventative Care, Marisella Rodriguez, National Organization for Women’s Say It Sister!
Transcending the Piecemeal Approach to Contraceptive Access, Angela Honton, National Institute for Reproductive Health, blogging on RH Reality Check
In Science v. Politics, Science Scores a Win, Debra Ness, National Partnership for Women and Families
Contraception is prevention, Sharon Phillips, National Physicians Alliance
Tea With Mephistopheles, Vonetta Hunter, Natureis2bloom
Steps Forward for Reproductive Justice, Amy Cotton, The NCJW Insider
No Choice Without Access, Killian Weston, .one.voice.
Not So Jagged Little Pill: Why Women Need No-Cost Birth Control for the “We’ve Got You Covered” Blog Carnival, Megan Kearns, The Opinioness of the World
Oral Contraceptives and Ovarian Cancer: What You Should Know, A. Davis, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Institute Of Medicine Recommends Contraceptives Be Considered Preventive Services Under Health Care Law, Meredith Kormes, Political Correction
Birth Control: We’ve Got You Covered, Gina D’Andrea Weatherup, Politics Power Sex
Flipping Out Over Birth Control, Lisa Winjum, Politics Power Sex
The Price of Being a Woman, Nicki, Pro Choice Kansas
Birth control rocks – and should be free, Liz Borkowski, The Pump Handle
A Reform Jewish View of Contraceptive Coverage, Leora Cohen-Rosenberg, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s Faith & Justice
What’s Religion Got to Do With It?, Marjorie Signer, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s Faith & Justice
Peggy Olson would rejoice: Women need no-cost birth control to protect their bodily sovereignty, Alison Channon, Reaching Back, Looking Forward
The Birth Control Bill: The Unspoken Cost of Contraception, Lena Chen, Sex Really
Talking to Your Parents about Birth Control, The Center for Family Life Education, Sexually Smarter
Free Birth Control for Everyone!, Maureen Shaw, sherights
No-Cost Birth Control Matters!, Talia bat Pessi, Star of Davida
Birth Control Blog Carnival: The Pill’s Role in Radicalizing Me at 12, Veronica Arreola, Viva La Feminista
Birth Control Blog Carnival, Megan Cooper, The Wild and Absolutely True Adventures of Meg
Win for Women! The Institute of Medicine Moves Us One Step Closer to Recognizing that Contraception IS Prevention in Health Care Reform., Sara Eskrich, Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health
What Recent IOM Recommendations Mean for Women of Color: Expanded Access to Reproductive Healthcare Services, Women of Color Policy Network
Birth Control Saved My Academic Career, My Relationships and My Health, Ilyssa Silfen, WTF (What The Feminist)
Let Them Have The Pill!, Kario, The Writing Life
Young Women See Great Benefits From Health Care Law, Maya  Brod, Young Invincibles
The other ones, Yuliya Shneyderman


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