Women’s Rugby Is Coming to the Olympics!

rugbyThis year, for the first time ever, the Olympics will feature a Women’s Rugby Team! Rugby hasn’t been featured in the Olympics since 1924, and there has never been a Women’s Rugby Team in the entire history of the Olympics. The 2016 Summer Olympics will feature a version of the sport called rugby sevens where seven players play on each side. Officially, Team USA has 12 athletes and eight staff members. The United States’ first ever team of female Rugby Olympians includes: Team Captain Kelly Griffin, Jillion Potter, Victoria Folayan, Alev Kelter, Jessica Javelet, Ryan Carlyle, Lauren Doyle, Joanne Falavesi, Kathryn Johnson, Carmen Farmer, Bui Baravilala, and Richelle Stephens.
These athletes are the first women to play rugby at the Olympics and I’ll be rooting for them when they play their first game at Noon ET on Saturday, August 6.