We Fight for Abortion Actually

Abortion Actually

The two of us have been defending abortion access over the last decade. In that same time frame, an extreme movement has used every single harmful tactic—from the extreme and hateful, to the backdoor and unconstitutional—to shut down access to abortion.
The people in this movement violently attack providers and people seeking abortion care, including murder and bomb threats. At the height of the pandemic, they purposefully coughed on patients and clinic defenders on their way to abortion care. They constantly harass providers and clinic workers. They repeatedly vandalize clinics. They used the pandemic as cover to close clinics and disrupt abortion access. And they have passed hundreds and hundreds of medically unnecessary restrictions that only exist for abortion, one of the safest medical procedures. They tried to tell clinics which angle the water should flow out of their water fountains with the goal of shutting down clinics —which temporarily happened in Texas and caused half of them shut down.
This extremist movement tells midwives they can’t provide the care. And tells patients they can’t receive the care through telehealth even though every other care can be provided that way. They even infiltrate our private medical meetings with fake names and credentials and distort information to push their false narratives.
They force doctors to lie to their patients about the consequences of having an abortion. And funnel millions of doctors to fake clinics that lie to people about how pregnant they are, shame them about their decision to have an abortion, and hand out bad medical information and services.
They pass laws denying insurance coverage of abortion and threaten states that take action to protect abortion. They attack abortion funds that raise money and provide access for people struggling to make ends meet.
They lie. Over and over again. About the care. About the people who give the care. And about the people who need the care. They shame and stigmatize people who seek abortion care. And they take over the Supreme Court.
So here we are. After five relentless decades—with the last one in particular being the worst—the anti-abortion movement is exactly where it wants to be. It has introduced and passed the most anti-abortion bills at the state level in a decade, and has set up a case that threatens a core underpinning of the constitutional right to abortion in front of a Supreme Court that was remade by former President Trump. The same man who said he would nominate only Supreme Court justices who would get rid of the right to abortion and send people seeking abortion to prison.
We need you to join us and fight over the next year. We need you to support the clinics and professionals that provide abortion care and all the folks on the ground who work so hard to make abortion accessible for everyone, not just the privileged few. Because we aren’t truly free unless we can control our own bodies, lives, and futures.
For now, we send out love to you. To those of you who have had an abortion, and to those of you who will need one. To those of you who support and value autonomy, justice, freedom, equality, compassion, and health. To you.
Abortion is still legal, and we will fight to keep it that way.