Tell the Senate: Confirm Judges Committed to Expanding Civil Rights

Extremist judges will not stop endangering the lives of pregnant people or people who may become pregnant—overturning Roe v. Wade, attacking medication abortion, threatening the future of IVF, and now pregnancy accommodations. There are 56 federal judicial vacancies and 30 nominations before the Senate right now.

Tell the Senate to commit to confirming all federal nominees who will defend the rights and well-being of pregnant and postpartum workers, people who can get pregnant, and all women!

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This Is Personal

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In the last five years, states have adopted more abortion restrictions than in the previous decade combined. This Is Personal was a campaign launched by National Women’s Law Center in September 2012 to empower, educate, and activate young women across the country as they faced attacks on their reproductive health decisions.

We equipped women with the facts and tools they needed to talk to their friends, write to their elected officials, and make a difference. A diverse group of campaign allies joined forces with us to support our campaign.

Since the campaign’s start, 500,000 campaign supporters have taken more than three million actions to protect women’s health. We’re proud of everything the This Is Personal community has accomplished. Together, we sent an unprecedented number of letters to the Louisiana Board of Health to successfully stop it from implementing burdensome and unnecessary regulations in an effort to shut down abortion clinics. We submitted tens of thousands of comments to the Department of Health and Human Services and winning a victory so that women, not their bosses, can make their birth control decisions. We successfully pushed Congress to ensure that military women who are survivors of rape and incest have access to abortion coverage. And this was only a few of our successes.

We’ve achieved so much but there’s so much more we can do together to not only protect women’s health but also to advance the rights of all women and girls.

For more than 40 years, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has fought to expand the possibilities and breakdown barriers for women and girls. Bringing the This Is Personal community together with the thousands of NWLC advocates will make us all even stronger together.

We’re excited about all the progress we can make together as part of the NWLC community.