Senate Confirms Judge

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed Wilhelmina Wright, most recently an Associate Justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court, to be a federal judge on the district court for the District of Minnesota.
Empty vintage court's room with table,chairs and microphones.
Now-Judge Wright, a well-respected jurist who was recommended to her home-state senators by a bipartisan judicial selection advisory committee, was nominated in April 2015 and was voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee without a single dissenting vote in September 2015. For reasons that can only be attributed to partisan delay, Senate leadership agreed in December to vote on Judge Wright’s nomination — the following year.
Judge Wright will bring a wealth of legal experience and a lifetime of public service to the position to which she has been confirmed, and will add diversity to the federal bench. She will be the first African American woman to serve as a district court judge in Minnesota. It is shocking — but not surprising — that confirming a nominee of her stature has become such a rare and noteworthy event in this Senate.