Sen. Murray and Reps. DeGette and Slaughter Clap Back at President Trump’s Attack on Contraception

We all know that Senator Murray and Representatives DeGette and Slaughter have been champions for women’s health throughout their careers. Now they are stepping up to be champions for women’s health and equality again: proposing legislation to strike the Trump Administration’s new rules that roll back the birth control benefit of the Affordable Care Act. These illegal and harmful new rules allow virtually any employer with religious or moral objections to refuse to comply with the ACA’s birth control benefit.
President Trump just can’t seem to get the message to stop playing politics with our health care. We’re clapping back by taking legal steps to block these discriminatory rules, but we’re also definitely here for Senator Murray’s and Representatives DeGette and Slaughter’s clap back in the form of a bill that would eliminate these rules.
Senator Murray and Representatives DeGette and Slaughter simply get it when it comes to birth control and that is why we are so here for this clap back. They get that these broad rules will hurt both the health, equality, and economic stability of people who work for employers that object to birth control or go to universities that object to birth control.  They get that when people don’t have insurance coverage of birth control the out-of-pocket costs they face could cause them to use a birth control method that isn’t right for them, or to forego using birth control altogether.  And they get that insurance coverage of birth control has a direct connection to women’s economic security – enabling women to plan and space their pregnancies, complete their education, and compete on equal footing in the workplace.
So we thank Senator Murray and Representatives DeGette and Slaughter, and other sponsors and supporters of these bills, for clapping back on this attack on women’s health care.
If you’re worried that you may lose coverage of birth control, please contact the National Women’s Law Center CoverHer hotline at