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College is hard, and balancing family responsibilities, class, tuition, and employment can add challenges for student parents. Research shows that pregnant and parenting students feel more motivated to succeed academically and professionally after deciding to have a child. And yet, these students often face obstacles from their schools that make it harder for them to make up work and stay on track for graduation.

Title IX requires schools to accommodate pregnant and parenting students, but students often have to go out of their way to understand their rights.
The Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights Toolkit alleviates that burden by providing quick and easy answers for students. This toolkit outlines the Title IX requirements schools must follow and actions students can take when faced with discriminatory practices. It’s the one study guide every student should have.

Topics include:

• A Summary of Pregnant and Parenting Students’ Rights under Title IX.
• FAQs on mandatory accommodations for Pregnant and Pregnant Students.
• FAQs on breastfeeding on campus.
• Avenues to filing complaints with the U.S. Department of Education.
• An Action Agenda to help students report discrimination to university officials, including a sample letter.
• A Collection of Government Resources and Assistance for Low-Income Parents

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