Students should never miss out on the chance to learn and thrive because of their gender. That’s why the National Women’s Law Center is proud to coordinate a national amicus brief (aka “friend of the court” brief) effort to show feminist support for transgender students involved in litigation to protect their rights. Many federal courts across the country are considering crucial questions regarding civil rights protections for transgender students facing discrimination, including harassment and exclusion from same-sex spaces like restrooms, in school. NWLC and our partners stand firm that anti-trans discrimination is a form of sex discrimination forbidden by laws like Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments. It is particularly important for NWLC to stand in support of trans students because anti-trans advocates often claim their policies protect women – which could not be further from the truth.

So far, NWLC, along with our co-counsel Mayer Brown, has filed three amicus briefs making the feminist case for trans students’ rights. We are honored many of our partner women’s rights and reproductive justice groups have joined as signatories. You can find our briefs below:

G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board (Supreme Court)

G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board (Fourth Circuit)

Whitaker v. Kenosha Unified School District (Seventh Circuit)

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