Schools are often the first places where people experience sexual harassment. But few students report it, and those who come forward are often ignored, disbelieved, or even punished by their schools. The 100 School Districts project is based on the principle that schools can be sites of transformative change when responding to and preventing sexual harassment. If you are a student, educator, or community member who wants to learn more about how to make schools safer for students, this resource is for you. Together, we can create a better world for all students.


Inside this resource:

Preventing Sexual Harassment

  1. Provide sexual health education for all students
  2. Train all staff on sexual harassment
  3. Remove police from schools
  4. Invest in social workers and non-law enforcement adult helpers in schools
  5. Abolish dress codes
  6. Collect climate survey data

Responding to Sexual Harassment

  1. Make it easy to report sexual harassment
  2. Provide supportive measures to students who report sexual harassment
  3. Protect—don’t punish—students who report sexual harassment
  4. Ensure prompt and equitable investigations
  5. Offer a restorative process
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