Justice Ginsburg’s “most fervent wish” was that there be no vote on a nominee to replace her before inauguration day because she recognized the importance of respecting the will of the people and the sanctity of the Supreme Court. Even as the total COVID-19 death toll in the United States has topped 200,000, Senator McConnell’s priority is rushing through President Trump’s extremist Supreme Court nominee—Amy Coney Barrett—before the electorate can have their say in November. 

Amy Coney Barrett was selected to be a federal judge by Trump in 2017. She was a terrible pick then, and she’s even worse now. Our senators can’t confirm someone who like Barrett, who was picked because Trump believes she’ll help “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade, control our decisions about whether and how to start a family, rescind health care for those who need it most, turn back protections for survivors of sexual harassment, and undo decades of progress for LGBTQ+ communities and people of color.

We deserve a justice who will fight for the civil rights of women and girls, and all of us. Trump’s record, criteria, and this entire illegitimate process are proof that we will not have a champion for justice and equality in Amy Coney Barrett. Join the fight by taking action, learning more about Barrett’s record, and spreading the word about what’s at stake.