Tell Congress: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Is A Bad Deal for Women & Families

The tax bill being considered in Congress, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” would devastate women and families. It will leave 13 million families without health care coverage and raise taxes on tens of millions of families—all to give massive tax cuts to big corporations and the 1%. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Senate version of the tax bill is another attempt to repeal health care. It would gut the Affordable Care Act and increase the number of uninsured by 13 million over 10 years.
  • The Republican tax plan will raise taxes on tens of millions of women and families. While corporations receive permanent tax cuts from the plan, every day families would see their tax benefits decrease over time. For example, under the House plan, 36 million middle- and low-income families would see a tax increase by 2027.
  • The Republican tax plan pulls the rug out from families in need. Families with serious, costly medical conditions, with student loans, or with child care bills would lose critical tax benefits under the Republican plan. It is completely backwards to punish families with high medical bills or families who have student loans in order to give new tax breaks to big corporations and the 1%.
  • Beyond the tax hikes in the plan for middle and low-income women and families, women and families will continue paying for tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy through cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, child care, education, and more. The tax plan cost approximately $1.5 trillion, and will force deep cuts to programs that are integral to women’s lives.
  • While women and families pay in tax hikes and program cuts, corporations and the wealthy get new tax breaks. This plan gives the richest 0.1 percent an average $320,000 tax break and even gives new tax incentives for companies if they ship their profits – and our jobs – overseas.

We need you to tell Congress to say NO to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act before this terrible plan is enacted – with devastating consequences for years to come.

Here are a few points to focus on when talking to your member of Congress, as well as additional resources where you can learn more. We encourage you to personalize this information with your own stories and experiences, so your representatives understand the impact their choices will have on you. When you call or talk to your House Members and Senators this week, use the sample language below as a starting place to tell them why they should oppose this bill:

  • As a resident of [insert], I’m calling to let [insert Member name] know that I strongly oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This tax bill will make women and families pay for massive tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.
  • This tax bill guts the Affordable Care Act and raises taxes on tens of millions of women and families, just to give tax cuts for big corporations and the 1%. That’s not right.
  • [Insert Member name] must oppose this plan and vote no on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.