20 states by 2020 report coverSince #MeToo went viral in October 2017, state lawmakers across the country have been working to meet the bravery of the survivors coming forward by enacting meaningful, substantive policy reforms to stop and prevent sexual harassment. In 2018, over 100 bills were introduced in state legislatures to toughen protections against harassment in workplaces, and important workplace reforms were enacted in 10 states. As state legislative sessions began in 2019, over 300 state legislators representing 40 states and the District of Columbia came forward and declared that they are committed to supporting survivors and working towards the goal of strengthening protections against sexual harassment in 20 states by 2020. This report provides an overview of the progress that has been made in advancing workplace harassment reforms in “#20Statesby2020” since #MeToo went viral.

Some highlights include:

  • 13 states limited or prohibited employers from requiring employees to sign nondisclosure agreements as a condition of employment or as part of a settlement agreement.
  • 5 states expanded workplace harassment protections to include independent contractors, interns, or graduate students for the first time.
  • 4 states and New York City extending their statute of limitations for filing a harassment or discrimination claim.
  • 10 states and New York City enacted key prevention measures, including mandatory training and policy requirements for employers.