Our Lawsuit

On March 14, 2022, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), and law firm partners Kakalec Law PLLC and Harrison, Harrison & Associates, Ltd., filed a lawsuit in New Jersey federal district court against Zoetis, Inc., alleging the company significantly underpaid a female veterinary pathologist compared to at least two of her male colleagues who performed the same job but had far less experience. Dr. Yvonne Schulman, the plaintiff in the suit, seeks to hold Zoetis accountable for its illegal pay discrimination and gender discrimination. 

The lawsuit alleges that Zoetis, Inc., a large international animal health company, paid one veterinary pathologist—who was a man with six fewer years of experience—over $100,000 more than Dr. Schulman. Another male veterinary pathologist with nineteen fewer years of experience was paid $70,000 more. When Dr. Schulman discovered the pay inequity, she raised the issue with HR and company officials, but the company refused to address this blatant sex discrimination. 

Dr. Schulman is bringing claims against Zoetis for violations of the Equal Pay Act and Title VII, as well as New Jersey equal pay and antidiscrimination law.



On July 5, 2022, Dr. Schulman filed her opposition to Zoetis’s partial motion to dismiss her New Jersey claims. The brief explains that Dr. Schulman should be allowed to bring her claims under New Jersey law because she has pleaded facts sufficient to show that the New Jersey-headquartered Zoetis paid her less than men doing the same job, and appears to have made these discriminatory pay decisions in New Jersey, in violation of state law.


Our filings:

Complaint – 3.14.2022
Opposition – 7.7.2022