The National Women’s Law Center and firm partner Mayer Brown, LLP, along with 50 additional organizations, filed an amicus brief in the Eleventh Circuit in support of Drew Adams on February 28th.

The case involves an appeal of a good court decision following a Florida school district’s action denying a transgender student access to a restroom consistent with his gender identity. The district court decided the case in favor of the transgender student, holding that the school district violated the student’s rights under both the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and Title IX.  The court asserted that allowing transgender students to use restrooms matching their gender identity does not violate school privacy policies. The court also found that discrimination against transgender students because they are gender-nonconforming is sex discrimination under federal law. The school has appealed the federal district court decision to the Eleventh Circuit.

NWLC is leading this amicus brief to highlight that discrimination against transgender individuals is sex discrimination and to be in solidarity with LGBTQ communities in our collective fight against sex discrimination on all fronts.

For more information about this case and background, please read our blog.