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Right now our country is engaged in one of the greatest gender justice fights of our time. Anti-abortion politicians have launched a coordinated campaign to end abortion at any cost. They are shutting down clinics, criminalizing providers, and endangering the lives of those who seek abortion.

This unprecedented assault requires an unprecedented response. That’s why the National Women’s Law Center is launching the Abortion Rights Project, our groundbreaking partnership to protect abortion access in states that need it most.

The Abortion Rights Project will begin its work with groups active in thirteen states that represent the frontlines in the defensive and proactive battles for abortion access across the country: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Maine, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Washington, D.C.

The Abortion Rights Project is providing an initial investment of $350,000 to 11 groups across the country doing critical work to keep clinics open, help people access abortion care, drive public education and narrative change on abortion, engage in grassroots organizing especially among communities of color, challenge abortion restrictions, and strengthen abortion rights. It will also provide these organizations delivering vital services with legal and technical assistance, as well as research, analysis, and grassroots media and visibility efforts.

Our inaugural Abortion Rights Project partners include: