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Working Families Need More Than Mitch McConnell Is Offering

The following is a statement from Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center

“Leader McConnell’s bill leaves behind far too many of our neighbors to serve as an adequate response to such an unprecedented crisis. This bill doesn’t provide nearly enough support to states and its measly support for child care is drastically insufficient. The bill recklessly carves out most health care non-profits from receiving small business loans, requires cash-strapped public school districts to fund wealthy private schools, and yet again fails to deliver universal paid leave or guarantee no cost-sharing related to COVID-19 treatment. Leader McConnell is pushing a bill with the same inequities and gaps that have left the most vulnerable people in this country exposed to an economic and public health calamity. We can deliver the relief women and their families need now while making sensible changes that remedy underlying flaws in our programs and systems.”

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